09 11 / 2011

I wanted to thank some of you who were really encouraging about this bike fear that I shared last week. Auntie, you especially, inspired me to lighten up and give it another go.

Marc and I had a date night last weekend (date night=bike night) and it was really theraputic. Oh yeah, and fun. It was really fun too:)

It was Museum Night; the one night a year when museums all over the city stay open until 2AM and have special exhibitions and programs. Some have performance art, some show films, some host DJs- most have beer and wine available. 

We spent our precious time out with a night tour of certain parts of the zoo (fairly creepy, walking around a zoo with a small group of strangers, with only a flashlight to guide), a visit to the aquarium, some dancing at the Tropen, and on the way home we stopped by the Pianola Museum down the street. (The Pianola Museum was maybe the highlight. We sat in this really charming space, watching a Buster Keaton film, while a local pianist played the soundtrack.)

For the first bit of the ride I had to remind myself to calm down and loosen my grip on the handle bars, but by the end of the night I was enjoying biking around the city again. 

While we’re at it, yesterday Sam and I visited the children’s farm. This time he actually reached out for the rabbits, and we spent quite a bit of time sitting alongside the goats. For the first time we both enjoyed our time with the animals, so I think that like me, Sam is making some headway with his fears. Hurrah!